sunset 2022
sunset 2022

Many find the colorful exciting. But do you know why the sun looks like that?

Such a scene is usually seen at sunrise or sunset.

The sun turns red and the sky looks orange, dark red or purple.

It is poetic, exciting and repetitive. There are scientific reasons for this.

See for yourself. But don’t look directly at the sun! And binoculars should never be used again.

When you see the sun with the naked eye, the light of the eyes can be lost and darkness can come everywhere!

The reason

Cool Sunset images
Cool Sunset images

The amazing view of the colorful sun can make you mute. But why such a scene?

“I’m sorry for the revelation, but it’s all for scientific reasons,” says Edward Bloomer, an astronomer at the Royal Museums Greenwich.

We must first understand the light. All visible colors combine to form light. These colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (blue) and purple.

“It’s about scattering sunlight and it’s not evenly scattered,” says Bloomer.

Each color has a different wavelength, so the color looks unique. For example, the length of the purple wave is shorter but the length of the red is longer.

The second step is to understand the structure of our atmosphere. The atmosphere consists of layers of different gases, including the oxygen we need to breathe.

Scattered light

awesome sunset
awesome sunset

When sunlight penetrates different layers of gases of different densities, they form prisms and scatter the colors of light.

The various particles in the atmosphere reflect the light scattered in this way.

At sunrise or sunset, the sun’s rays from a certain angle fall to the upper layers of the atmosphere and the “miracle” begins.

When the sun’s rays enter the upper part of the atmosphere, the blue wave splits and is reflected instead of disappearing.

“When the sun is down on the horizon, blue and green waves scatter away, so we only see orange or bright red,” says Bloomer.

But the sky looks very red!

Many may think so, but it is only a matter of time. The sun has not changed at all.

Where you also determine what kind of sun you see.

“Dust, clouds, smoke, etc. also affect what kind of sky you see,” says Bloomer.

If you are in India, California, Chile, Australia or parts of Africa or elsewhere near red sand or dust, depending on the weather, the particles in your area may be active in the light.

“It’s somewhat like what happens on Mars. When red dust mixes with the air, it gives the impression that the sky is pinkish-red,” he says.

He says that such particles can reach far into the atmosphere, where they can be seen from other places.

Why is the red sun visible now?

sunset from city
sunset from city

What is happening now is nothing new. But now our way of looking has changed.

“Throughout this lockdown, we find people paying a lot of attention to the sky,” says Bloomer, “maybe not having much work to do.”

Many people are sitting at home and watching the nature around them.

Pollution has decreased as more planes have not flown. That is why the sky is open.

Why does the sky look blue in the afternoon?


At high points, sunlight penetrates the atmosphere without interruption. That makes the sky look blue.

But it can also change with the seasons.

When it rains while the sun is shining, the colors in the light are scattered, and all seven colors become rainbows and appear in the atmosphere.

Nineteenth-century physicist Lord Ray spent a long time looking at sunlight and the sky.

He was the first person to explain why the sky is blue.

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