Power Charge Earning App Review – Legit or Fake: Power Charge App permits users to earn cash by way of investing in it. Power Charge App claims to pay a profit of 10 – 200% while you put money into their plan. Earlier than making an investment in it realize is it a rip-off or no longer.

Recently, a number of apps are launched within the market that says to offer you massive income, but they all are frauds. Many innocent people’s have misplaced thier cash on those apps.

Power Charge App can be one of them. Those sorts of apps show you the dream to end up a billionaire but at closing, it makes you a beggar.

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Welcome to imaginative and prescient information point,

On this assessment article, I make you to realize about this Power Charge App, and some of the legit apps and at the last you can apprehend is it a rip-off or no longer.


About Power Charge Earning App?

Power Charge App, It is a new earning app which is similar to BSA Fund, Cattle farm, Dream and more. These all apps are scamy apps. The working functionality of Power Charge App is the same as others fraud apps where at first you have to invest money and then have to complete some tasks. And, then you have to wait for your withdrawal.


Is It A Scam?

Yes, Power Charge App is a scam. Do not invest and lose your money. This app is similar to all other fraud apps like BSA fund app, Dream, and Double Q.

I am just informing you about this app. Think before you invest. Also, I am not misleading the customer of Power Charge App. It is just my point of view.

We recommended our viewers earn money from a legit site or app.


Apps Scam?

The Scene behind the fraud app increasing day by day. For the greater amount in short time you may lose your own money what ever you have by investing in it.

These days, Instance of innocent people have lose thier massive amounts of hard earned money.

These days, Many such apps had been released inside the market like BSA Fund App, Double Q and Dream. Most significantly, all the money you are making as an investment in those app is going to the same account that is receiving money for all those fraud apps. There might not be any records about such fraud apps in the internet.

Nowadays, people donot like to invest in a proper platform which is strolling for decades. The massive outcomes in that app or platform is low but your cash is safe. But, Due to some of Pavman, All innocents are investing in such fraud apps.


Working Of Such Fraud Apps

Let me tell you a brief about the Working Of Such Fraud Apps.

At first, you have to create an account. You will receive 30,rupees Indian currency. Once you create an account you have to complete your profile by adding your bank details and personnel Information.

Now you have to deposit Rs. 100 to upto 20,000 via UPI accordingly to which plan you want to buy . After a few seconds, you will see your deposit amount in the app. A minimum of Rs. 100 is required to get VIP 1. After that, you have to perform the daily tasks. Once you complete a task you will get a certain amount based on your VIP Plan.

You can withdraw once you reached the threshold withdrawable amount. Our team don’t know about the minimum withdrawable amount.


Add your fund at your own risk. “Vision News Point” is not responsible for any loss or profit you make. We are not recommending you invest in such fraud apps.

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This Power Charge App can be Fraud. All of the records cited above is my opinion. I, “visionnewspoint”, is not responsible for any fraud or misleading the customer of the app.




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