IPO Result Check Now | Nepal Share Market | Share Analysis | 2022: Some of the top names in business, sports, politics, and entertainment have been celebs for decades, but up-and-coming stars are also making their mark on the world of investment. Even the biggest name in Hollywood, Tom Cruise, has had a hand in acquiring a stake in digital-media company Lionsgate before cashing out.

I think the problem is that they are stemming from a narrow frame of reference. They have been taught that capitalism is good. They have been taught that financial wealth is the key to happiness for everyone. And they have been taught that capitalism is the only proper economic model and that it is also the only market the markets can be trusted.

Nepal democratically is an emerging economy ridden with corruption. A dictatorship, which has morphed into a corrupt autocracy, holds on to power and continues to inflict human rights violations on its citizens with near impunity, despite being under international sanctions since the early 1990s for its rights abuses.

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About Nepal Share Market / (IPO Result)

The secondary capital market of Nepal has not been well developed. There is a state-owned stock exchange system, that has neither been modernized nor has the market been fully modernized. The share market demands one more stock exchange in the corporate private sector is strongly needed as mentioned in SEBON’s approved policy and program to minimize the monopolistic situation. The modern stock exchange could see a major breakthrough in daily share trading.

The NEPSE index could not become a true economic mirror and indicator because the role of the real sector seems to be insignificant. To encourage the real sector companies in the share market, different measures must be taken such as high tax rebates, putting the sector on the priority list of the central bank, and adopting the international system of free pricing based on book-building Ipo Result.

Even today, Nepal has been practicing the traditional fixed pricing system in IPO since the beginning. SEBON should introduce the latest system without delay in a phase-wise manner. Modernization of the share market has just begun but needs more improvement. The
paces of reviving the economy and structurally reforming will lead to stability and complete modernization of the Nepalese share market.


The Share market is the growing phase of Nepal since the 2000s. There has been significant progress in share transactions and the NEPSE index in Nepal. The share transaction amount has been increasing trends in most of the years. The NEPSE point value has been fluctuating trends after the 2000s.

The percentage trends of market capitalization in GDP from 2009/10 to 2018/19, affect the contribution of share capitalization percentage in GDP seems to be increasing and dressing trends in different time intervals in the study periods.

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What was Nepal’s Market Capitalization: % of GDP in 2022?

Nepal Market Capitalization accounted for 64.6 % of its Nominal GDP in Jul 2022, compared with a percentage of 100.2 % in the previous year See the table below for more data.

 64.62022 100.220217.12003100.22021%yearly2001 – 2022

Key information about Nepal Market Capitalization: % of GDP

  • Nepal Market Capitalization accounted for 64.6 % of its Nominal GDP in Jul 2022, compared with a percentage of 100.2 % in the previous year
  • Nepal Market Capitalization: % Nominal GDP is updated yearly, available from Jul 2001 to Jul 2022
  • The data reached an all-time high of 100.2 % in Jul 2021 and a record low of 7.1 % in Jul 2003

Objectives of the Study

This study is designed to identify the overall scenario of the Nepalese capital market in terms of its Growth, transitions in NEPSE, and the impact on GDP in Nepal. More specifically the following objectives are set for the study:

  • To identify the composition of the primary and secondary capital markets of Nepal(Ipo Result).
  • To analyze the growth and trends of the capital market of Nepal.
  • To explore the impact of capital mobilization on GDP.
  • To examine share transactions on NEPSE Index.

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