The word Chhath originates from the Sanskrit word Sashti which means the Mother Goddess or the Maiya of the infants.

The Goddess of Chhath is deemed as Chhathi Maiya or the Mother Goddess Chhathi. This festival is mainly dedicated to Surya Dewata.


This is the festival mainly dedicated to the Surya Dewata also called Chhathi Maiya. It is one of the major festivals of Hindu religions. According to Ramayan, when Bhagwan Ram and Sita Maiya returned to Ayodhya, they celebrated Diwali, and after six days Ramrajya was established. On that day Sita Maiya & Bhagwan Ram kept fast and Chhath Puja was performed by Sita Maiya.


According to the Hindu religion, It is believed that worshipping the god and goddess is to protect the offspring and give long life to them.

Day1: Naha Kha

It falls on the first day of Chhath. On this day, the house is cleaned and after bathing, food is kept to the god and after that only eaten.

Day2: Rasiaav-Roti

On this day, The devotees are not allowed even to drink a drop of water. In the evening, they eat kheer, fruits, etc.

Day3: Sandhya Arghya

On the third day of Chhath Puja, an Arghya is offered to the Surya Dewata and worshipped with Dhoop and light the Diyas.

Day4: Usha Arghya

The last day of Chhath Puja is known as Usha Arghya. An Arghya is offered to the Surya Dewata before sunrise, the devotees go to the riverbank to offer an Arghya to the rising sun. After that, they pray to Chhathi Maiya to protect the offspring and give long life.

According to traditional links, there are different festivals related to the Hindus religion.
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