Fiewin Earning App – Legit Or Scam | Review 2022

Fiewin Earning App
Fiewin Earning App

Fiewin Earning App – Legit Or Scam | Review: Fiewin Earning App is the app where you can earn money by playing games and investing in it. But do you know the reason behind the App. The Scene behind the App?

How the app is giving the money and managing the money. From Where they are accessing? What’s the scene behind the App? In this article, I will let you know about this app and at the end up of this article you may understand is it a scam or not, or whether you should put money into it or not.


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There are plenty of comparable apps stimulated in the popular money app which includes Double Q, Dream, and more! they all want you to play for so long as possible, that’s why they come up with virtual greenbacks for watching their videos and playing games.


Currently, there are 40 to 50 fraud apps getting massive recognition in very much less time, Double Q is one in every of them. Alot of people’s have lost their massive cash from the such apps.


What is Fiewin Earning App?

Fiewin Earning App is another game app that makes people believe they can win cash rewards just by growing a money tree. The app is operated from Singapore. This is an Chinese App.

Does Fiewin Earning App Scam?

Yes, The Fiewin Earning App may do the Scam. It is an Chinese app. Do not invest in it. If you invest you may lost your money.


Reason Behind The Fraud?

1. The app is not permitted by any Government

The app is not geniune type.

2. Not Exposing the Owernership of the app

The app or the chinese app is not exposing the owernership means they are hiding the ownership of the app.


3. Not Listed in any geniune/Authentic Store

The app is not listed in any geniune store like playstore or Appstore.

4. The App Doesn’t Follow The Government Rules

For any internet site or app to obtain payment on their website need a legal certificate to do. we won’t see any legal certificates on their internet site.


5. Refering To One Another

All the things of this app are happening on only WhatsApp or Telegram refering to one another.

6. The App is not geniune

Nwadays, people hesitate to invest in a proper platform which is strolling for decades. The massive outcomes in that app or platform is low but your cash is safe.


Online Scam?

These days, Many such apps had been released inside the market like Double Q and Dream. Most significantly, all the cash you are making an investment in this app is going to the same account that is receiving money for all those fraud apps. There may be no records about this app at the internet.

It was revealed that the main Chinese handlers behind this massive scam used to randomly contact people over various Apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram. This is also an chinese App. There may be Scam.

Yet another shocking instance of innocent people have losing massive amounts of thier hard earned money.

The Reason, How Such Apps Give You Massive Amounts In Short Time?

The Scene behind the app. For the greater amount in short time you may lose your amount what ever you have by investing in it.


The query will stand up for your thoughts if it is a fake app then why people are advertising it on YouTube.

some of the Youtuber has obtained their fee. Do you received it? There is a handiest of 2-3% that you get your fee. A number of the Youtuber is announcing it as a fake App.

Now, i’m telling you the purpose for announcing it’s a fake app.

Even the authentic World Bank cannot give such a huge amount in such small period of time, they how they are giving? would it be possible? No, it cann’t be possible.


The app design is much like different faud apps. Fiewin Earning App is one of them. All of them are using the identical template via performing some adjustments like name, brand, photographs, description, colors and logo.


This Fiewin Earning App may be Fraud. All the information mentioned above is my opinion. I, “visionnewspoint”, is not responsible for any fraud or misleading the customer of the app.

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