Convicted Rapist Aiden Creed Kelly didn’t ‘threaten’ sleeping victim: court | The Latest News | 2022: Legal advisors for indicted attacker Aiden Creed Kelly have expected to have his sentence diminished, contending he didn’t compromise his resting casualty.

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Legal advisors for indicted attacker Aidan Creed Kelly have engaged have his sentence diminished by considering the reality he didn’t undermine his casualty, who was snoozing at that point.



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Mr. Kelly was tracked down liable last year for assaulting a young lady who had rested in a different room following a night out with a gathering in Crookwell NSW, on 23 November 2019.

Convicted Rapist Aiden Creed Kelly didn’t ‘threaten’ sleeping victim: court | The Latest News | 2022

He was indicted last year for sex without the assent and realizing the casualty didn’t assent and was condemned to five years and nine months detainment with a non-parole time of three years and nine months.

With an end goal to have his condemnation decreased, Mr. Kelly’s attorneys asked a requests court on Wednesday to think that he didn’t undermine or become rough with the casualty to have intercourse with her.

Crown legal counselors answered that the casualty being sleeping at the hour of the offense didn’t make it any less embarrassing or horrendous, and could truth be told make it all the more so.


“Since the casualty was sleeping she was basically only her body parts to the guilty party – she wasn’t an individual, ” a crown investigator said.

During the underlying preliminary a jury heard Mr. Kelly, who was 19 at that point, had dozed on the lounge chair at a home in Crookwell while his casualty rested in a different room with another male companion.

After different companions had left the home in the first part of the day, the casualty woke to Mr. Kelly having intercourse with her.

The court heard she at first trusted it to be the male companion with whom she had consensual sex the prior night, yet acknowledged it was not when she heard Kelly express “awaken, awaken”.


The casualty then, at that point, pushed Kelly off her, shouting “what the f***”, to which the court was informed he answered, “let me polish you off”.

She went to another room and messaged a companion to say she’d been assaulted, who then called the police.

Kelly’s (Aiden Creed Kelly) legal counselors likewise highlighted his generally youthful age and his true capacity for recovery in applying for him to have a lesser sentence.

The court is yet to go with a choice regarding this situation.



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