Wants to know the reality of this app: Yesterday itself the two apps BSA Fund App and a WP Fund app did a scam. BSA Fund and WP Fund did a scam on 2nd July 2022 at a morning time about 6 – 8 Am. From that time the both app is not live.

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BSA Fund Scam Latest News – 2022: BSA Fund Scam : BSA Fund app is not working from 2nd July 2022 morning at 6 to 8 Am. No one knows behind the massive scam of such a large amount of fraud.

Some of innocent human beings are dropping huge amounts in their hard-earned cash have not been revealed yet. Till now, no one is aware of what’s the exact amount of scams and fraud had done.


The Scene behind the app. For the greater amount in short time you may lose your amount what ever you have by investing in it.

The query will stand up for your thoughts if it is a fake app then why people are advertising it on YouTube.

some of the Youtuber has obtained their fee. Do you received it? There is a handiest of 2-3% that you get your fee. A number of the Youtuber is announcing it as a fake App.



Knows The Reality Behind The App

Let me tell you the fact, Yesterday itself the two apps WP Fund App and a BSA Fund Scam App did a scam. BSA Fund and WP Fund did a scam on 2nd July 2022 at a morning time about 6 – 8 Am. From that time the both app is not live.

How BSA Fund Scam App

This is a referral-primarily based app where it is easy to be the part of Simplest while the uses got the invitation code or referral code. This app isn’t on Google Play store or on the App shop. Simplest a person who is using this app can ship a down load link to invite another person.

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What Next

If you got scammed and lost all your money, then there is only one option left to you, which is a complaint file regarding that app. You can complain a file to a nearby Police Station or National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal.


You can also complain about a file online. Visit National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal to report your file.

If you don’t know how to report online then consult with your seniors, police or National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal.

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Fraud Apps Online Scam?

Fake apps online Scam: It was revealed that the main Chinese handlers behind this massive scam used to randomly contact people over various Apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram.


Yet another shocking instance of innocent people losing massive amounts of their hard earned money has come to light.

How BSA Fund App Scam Done

Everyone found this platform a bit geniune and they invest in it. None has received any withdrawal from 2 – 3 weeks. Everyone is waiting for today’s withdrawal and Uncertainly the apps goes down means the app is no longer live.

All the data has been lost. Everyone lost their money with their data too.


Please do not accept such fraud apps as true with the sort form of app which tells them they will multiply your investment in a short time. In case of you discover such an app then please report it to the nearby police station, cyber security. Do not invest your income. Please, Share this message to your friends.


This article is only for information purposes. Think before you invest. Do not fall into the such Fraud App. If you are already in it, then don’t hesitate to complain about the app at the Police Station. Indian Police is always with Us.

“We, Visionnewspoint is not responsible for any fraud done by this app. I have shared the information that I got. 

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