BSA FUND Earning App – Scam or Not | 1st Review

BSA FUND Earning App
BSA FUND Earning App

BSA FUND Earning App where you can earn money by investing in it. But, do you know BSA FUND Earning App is a scam or not.

Recently, there are 12 to 15 fraud apps getting immense popularity in very less time, Double Q is one of them. A lot of people have lost their huge money from those apps.

A BSA FUND app may be one of them. BSA FUND app goes public on Monday, 21 February 2022. This app was first seen on Monday, 21 February 2022.

It is an app where one can earn money by watching videos and playing games and withdrawing the earned money in their respective Account.


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What is BSA FUND Earning App

BSA FUND Earning App: It is an earning app in which one can earn money by investing in it. It will give you 10 – 200% profit within a month.


How to avoid APP fraud?

If anyone asks you to divert a payment or pass your financial savings – query it to the best degree. Make sure your phone, the bank or firm directly and check on any changes to payment details. Don’t rely upon emails – they may be intercepted.

Never rush a payment, as a genuine organization won’t mind waiting.

For example, they may pose as someone from your bank, or another trusted organization, claiming you have been a victim of fraud, and saying you need to move your money to a different bank account. Often there is a demand for you to act quickly.

IS BSA FUND Earning App Scam/Fraud

There may be Changes that BSA FUND Earning App may do Scam. So, please inform the police about this app whenever you get an invitation link. I am not saying that this app is a fraud, But it may be.


Invest in it at your one risk. I am just informing you about this app. Think twice before you invest.

HOW BSA FUND Earning App Scam

I am saying this because of the following reason.

  • This is a new app.
  • No one knows about this app.
  • Not verified from the google play store. 
  • No customer service regarding the app.
  • All the things of this app are happening on only WhatsApp contact linking to one another. (Think over it)

How does this multiply your money and why?

Recently, Many such apps were launched in the market like Double Q and Dream. Most importantly, all the money you are investing in this app is going to the same account that is receiving money for all those fraud apps. There is no information about this app on the internet.

How to Escape From Such Fraud App

If you got scammed and lost all your money, then there is only one option left to you, which is a complaint file regarding that app. You can complain a file to a nearby Police Station or Cyber Security.


You can also complain about a file online. Visit National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal to report your file.

If you don’t know how to report online then consult with your seniors or National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal.


This article is only for information purposes. Think before you invest. Do not fall into the Fraud App. If you are already in it, then don’t hesitate to complain about the app at the Police Station. Indian Police is always with Us.

This BSA FUND Earning App may be Fraud. All the information mentioned above is my opinion. I, “visionnewspoint”, is not responsible for any fraud or misleading the customer of the app.


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