Best 5 Alternatives of Google AdSense – 2022

Alternatives of Google AdSense
Alternatives of Google AdSense

Best 5 Alternatives of Google AdSense – 2022: There could be infrequently any blogger who has not heard about the Google AdSense. It’s far the dream of each new blogger that sooner or later his blog is Google AdSense approved so that he can earn a lot.

After writing the exceptional put up, even after doing desirable On-web page search engine optimization and off-web page search engine optimization, on occasion it happens that our web page does no longer get the approval of Google AdSense. Possibly you even have a blog in which you have tried frequently but you haven’t got Google AdSense Approval. Just see the Alternatives of Google AdSense.

Inside the event of not getting AdSense approval, A blogger gets dissatisfied and does not see any other way of earning. But you don’t need to despair due to the fact we’ve delivered you five such approaches by using which you could earn out of your blog even without AdSense.

Yes, you heard it right, if your website isn’t getting AdSense approved then you can use these alternatives of google AdSense. Let’s know about the 5 Best Alternatives of Google AdSense.



Best 5 Alternatives of Google AdSense

In this article, we will talk about 5 Best Alternatives of Google AdSense…

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After AdSense, if we like any advertising network, then it is This is one of the best advertising platform that I myself prefer after AdSense.


At Sometimes the RPM of is more than that of AdSense which means we can earn more than AdSense. If you are looking for Google AdSense best alternative then you will not find a better platform than supports only English Blog, yet it is not available for Hindi or Nepali Blogs.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associate is the only income making platform by doing the affiliate marketing on your website. You can earn money from Amazon just by affiliate marketing on your blog. You need to go to the official internet site of amazon and sign in your self as an Amazon associate.

Just after doing this, you can pick up the amazon associate link of the product from the website and write a post on your blog and put it in it. As soon as someone buys a product from that link, the money will be transferred to your account in the form of commission. With Amazon Associate, you can earn much more money than Google AdSense.


To better apprehend the way to earn cash from Amazon, you ought to first understand what’s affiliate advertising and the way it works.

For more information read this blog: Start with Affiliate Marketing – 2022

Apart from and AdSense, there is also one of the best google AdSense alternative, which is There are many bloggers, who are also earning good money using the

It does not give the money like the Google AdSense, but the money earned from is not much lesser either. If you have a or Nepali or Hindi blog then you can earn through advertisement of



Apart from Media.Net, there is also a best google adsense alternative in the list which is Adnow. Adnow, a company started in 2014, has earned a valuable name for itself. You can also place Native Ads in your blog with the help of Adnow.

Native Ads means the ads having the same type of Ads as your content. When users get to see ads related to your posts on our blog or website, then the chances of unique visitors or users increases. We know that the more unique clicks on our blog, the higher will be our income. It can also be used as a Alternatives of Google AdSense.

The ad network which comes at last but not the least is not rather than This ad network has gained a lot of name as well as fame within a few years of its inception. The reason of its popularity is its user friendly ads and earnings. Like Adnow, also uses Native Ads. Native Ads can increase our blog’s earnings significantly, so we can use as the Alternatives of Google AdSense.

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